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im maken bacon

2010-07-18 22:39:29 by rayanator

Im maken a pic its good so far needs a few more pices
hint: its madness
question of the week: if u wold be a superstar wold u be
anscer in the Comment section below
i wold be mj & johnny depp
IF U ARE a mk fan u wold read this
Scorpion is a deceased ninja in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He is one of the few original characters, debuting in the first Mortal Kombat arcade game. He holds the unique distinction, with Raiden, Sub-Zero and Noob Saibot, of appearing in every generation of Mortal Kombat games as a
playable character.
reptile is a fictional character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. He is one of the few original characters, debuting in the original Mortal Kombat arcade game. He then became playable in Mortal Kombat II.

Human Smoke was a playable character in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, originally introduced as an entirely restored Smoke who had at last managed to undo his transformation into a cyborg at the hands of the Lin Kuei. His ending in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 has him retreating into the Hidden Forest to learn the individual techniques of Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Reptile (which seems to be a humorous reference to Smoke's human form lacking any original moves), and predicts that he would return for Mortal Kombat 4 after his training was complete.[
About Sektor

Throughout the various Mortal Kombat games he was involved in, Sektor has grown into an ever more menacing mechanized warrior. He represents the closest thing to evil a cyborg can be, and combines traits of both a stealthy ninja and a ruthless killing machine fit for modern warfare. In contrast to his counterpart Cyrax, Sektor never bothered to rediscover his human side, and may be unable to. As far as this could be said about a cyborg, it is likely that he suffers from a form of insanity. He is capable of independent thought and action like Cyrax and Smoke; however, unlike the other two cyborgs, he shows no sign of emotion.

Sub-Zero is one of the most popular characters in the Mortal Kombat series. There are in fact two incarnations of Sub-Zero, and they are siblings: older and younger. Both are blue garbed warriors that are brothers and members of the Lin Kuei that descended from Cryomancers: an Outworld race possessing the ability to generate and control the powers of ice, although both of them were born in Earthrealm. The younger one bears a scar on his right eye which he received from a fight with Kung Lao, in canonically-disputed Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. However - as of Deception - the scar has faded away, possibly because of a side effect of his Dragon Medallion.

Mk tapout

im maken bacon


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2010-07-18 23:21:03


rayanator responds:

yep u are